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Our Friends Said They'd Listen is one of the two greatest podcasts hosted by David and Ron, who host two great podcasts. We talk about all kinds of movies- especially old and obscure ones. Plus really bad ones that we like for some reason. Nobody wears pants during taping (we thought it was important to include that last part).
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Apr 27, 2017

Some unsolicited advice: Never accept a doll that a stranger hands you at the airport. No matter how much you may want to.

Table of Contents:
8:25 - Breakfast for Two (1937)
13:44 - Children Who Chase Lost Voices (2011)
15:26 - Simon (1980)
18:15 - Double Down (2005)
19:31 - Wait Until Dark (1967)

Apr 25, 2017

David employs the same techniques seen in Zero Dark Thirty until Ron agrees to see Makoto Shinkai's latest film: Your Name/Kimi No Na Wa.

Will Ron like the movie? Will David spontaneously combust from effusive praise? Is that even possible? Answers lie within!

Apr 20, 2017

Piranha 3D - the Citizen Kane of Piranha Movies! What Women Want - the movie Goddard wished he could have made! Our Friends Said They'd Listen - the podcast that makes things up for its episode descriptions.

Table of Contents:
8:55 - Ghost in the Shell (2017)
18:42 - Speed (1994)
21:39 - Your Name (2017)
23:54 - Piranha 3D (2010)
46:40 - What Women Want (2000)

Apr 13, 2017

David and Ron endlessly praise a movie you probably have no way of watching and then mercilessly remind you of that fact. Note: this episode violates Article 3, Protocol 2 of the Geneva Convention. Enjoy!

Apr 12, 2017

David and Ron bid a tearful goodbye to the TCM film festival. See you in 2018! We hope! (Looking at you, North Korea)

Apr 11, 2017

David & Ron chat about the most action packed day* yet!

*Day of the festival that is. Let's not get too carried away.

Apr 8, 2017

It's Day 2 of David and Ron talking about old and obscure movies. (David was too tired and loopy to come up with a funny episode description, so this is all you're getting)

Apr 7, 2017

David and Ron watch old and obscure movies and then talk about them. We know it sounds like the usual stuff but we promise this is special.

Apr 7, 2017

In episode 33, Ron and David welcome their good friend Monique on the pod, and Dr. March faces an ethical dilemma at the hospital, while Josh and Stacy regret spending the night together.

Table of Contents
6:59 - Beauty and the Beast (2017)
14:16 - Spotlight (2015)
16:40 - Steve Jobs (2015)
19:52 - Mr. Nice Guy (1997)
20:46 - Gaslight (1944)

Apr 3, 2017

David and Ron watched The Omega Man, and yes, they know they'd make terrible Omega Men. You can stop tweeting about it.

Table of Contents:
2:32 - Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004)
3:46 - Westworld
5:11 - An Affair to Remember (1957)
7:08 - Ministry of Fear (1944)
10:29 - The Omega Man (1971)